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The Lovehandles products are unique, just like you. No two are the same. All Lovehandles products are hand made. They are designed and produced with passion and a big heart as Finnish-Indian cooperation. The Lovehandles products are made for you - you amazing, voluptuous woman.

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Lovehandles body types


Pearshaped, womanly, beautiful lady. She floats through the world with wide swaying hips and shrugging her delicate shoulders she says to those around her "This is what I'm like!"

Lovehandles tip: Emphasize your upper body with tailored, showy clothes and accessories. Choose flowing materials for your lower body. Avoid big tops or box-shaped models.

Lovehandles Bodytypes Pooja


Wonderful, voluptuous, hourglass-figured catwoman. She does not hide her shape, but accentuates it instead and welcomes each day, while listening to herself and her body's form: "Life is much too short for boring clothes."

Lovehandles tip: Emphasize your waist using tailoring and belts. Choose flowing materials so as to focus on your waist. Avoid stiff materials.

Lovehandles Bodytypes Matilda


Dancing to the rhythm of the music is a beautifully ample apple-shaped woman. The steps are taken by springy legs, which others have a hard time to keep up with. The feeling, when you are free as a bird, despite your dear tummy rolls.

Lovehandles tip: Favour flowing materials and vertical seams. Show off your ankles and wrists with accessories and decorative details on your clothes. Favour dressing in layers and avoid box-shaped models.

Lovehandles Bodytypes Dokas

Beauty is a State of Mind - not a Size Tag.

The creator of The Beauty of Lovehandles, visualist Suvi Asamoa, became bored of agonizing in fitting rooms. Armed with international experience in the clothing business, as well as self-esteem and curves, she decided that clothes producers would not restrict the way she dressed. A new clothing collection was born out of enthusiasm, open mindedness and tenacity. Lovehandles gives you a chance to be your showy self.

Now available - the debut collection fresh out of the oven: The Beauty of Lovehandles, Ambitious Entries #1.

Lovehandles Size Chart

Lovehandles Styling Service

Outfit of the Day

Tell us your wish and goal - during the styling day we will create a style that suits your curves. You can come alone or with a friend!

Suvi Asamoa
Tel. +358 20 769 8050

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Lovehandles Clothing

The Lovehandles Philosophy

Lovehandles Taj Mahal

Lovehandles is the creator and facilitator of an attitude revolution and has grown from an idea into a business. The collections have arisen from the need to design clothes for plus-sized women.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy values are a part of us. We want to represent healthy people, so our size chart is limited. We place individuals, who value themselves and accentuate their curves and shape in the right way, first.

Apple, pear or hour glass, Lovehandles gives you the chance to dress in an individual way. The collection has been tailored to fit these three plus-sized body types. We are a global business and brand and we challenge our target group world wide. Beauty is a state of mind and reaching it is facilitated by wearing a beautiful and well-fitting piece of clothing, which has been designed to one's particular body type. We encourage women to dress showily.

Different continents have been our source of inspiration. Curvy women dressing boldly and colourfully. As a global product, a Lovehandles piece of clothing does not know boundaries - it breaks them.

We work together. When international professionals' work and people's courage is combined, something extraordinary is born.

We have experience. By using it we strive towards our goal.

Everyone has the right to feel beautiful. Beauty is a state of mind, not a size tag.

A Beautiful Entity

The Lovehandles collection was born out of the love of femininity - life experience, lovehandles and happy colours. The collection's creator, visualist Suvi Asamoa, has always dressed beautifully, within the limits set by clothes producers. Travelling around the world, Suvi has admired women's colourful clothing. Years of travelling life matured Suvi and gave her the courage to design clothes for women of her own size.

As a teenager, Suvi was curvier and bustier than her peers and thus felt different. Later, she met people who commented on her size. "Luckily you have a pretty face at least," a lot of critics consoled her with. The words of total strangers were hurtful. Suvi has always considered herself an entity, larger than the norm. Lots of bust, hup, thigh and of course a pretty face.

The clothing industry was Suvi's thing. In her twenties, her eyes opened and her self-esteem was strengthened by the privilege to use beautiful clothes. She saw entities in her clients and would, by updating the way they dressed, be able to emphasize their best features. In a world of brands and ready-to-wear clothes, people who wanted to sharpen their style sought out Suvi. She soon noticed that she had a hand with buxom women's dressing - tools as well as a few extra pointers. Finally, her know-how and view was used in the first Lovehandles collection.

Only a product that feels good, accentuates curves and looks beautiful ends up on the Lovehandles rack. Dressing is not only superficial foolery. A fitting piece of clothing expresses its bearer. Beauty is in the eyes of the onlooker, primarily your own.

"Beauty is a state of mind – not a size tag."

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Lovehandles Clothing